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Chad A. Edge

Senior LAMP Developer

921 NW 52nd St Apartment A
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 334-0162

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Since 1997, I’ve provided assistance, programming and advice to many companies in the capacity of a software developer, project lead and systems analyst. My work has contributed to awards, market increase and continuing value long after my departure.

Senior Backend Developer, Smashing Ideas - April 2014 - Current

I am currently employed as a senior backend developer, with a heavy Drupal focus.

As a senior backend developer, I helped support the daily operation of a global entertainment client, exclusively scoping, planning, developing and improving upon custom modules and API's to handle streaming, authentication and multilingual domains.

One project I'm proud of while working for this client was a worldwide Geo-restriction policy framework that allowed for various content to be filtered/restricted based on both an affiliate token (provided by a 3rd party javascript API) and the location provided by our Akamai header system (developed this way to enable caching on thousands of possible page-load options).

Senior Interactive Developer, Nordstrom - July 2013 - April 2014

Nordstrom is quite a technology-savvy company, while also being an eleven-billion dollar enterprise focused on high end fashion and an incredible focus on customers.
While I have been hired as a senior developer for the secure areas of the enterprise, I am thankful for the exposure across the entire suite of platforms, technologies, languages and design that keep Nordstrom on the forefront of fashion and technology.

Back in the world of full-time, corporate development after a fun couple of years with startups has been quite a change for this developer. Structure and organization are key, and while I miss the freedom of building "sexy" apps every day, having a more regular schedule and measurable tasks has been a godsend.

My weeks are planned around working with various teams, developing solutions to improve the secure shopping experience across the Nordstrom Web offerings (mobile, desktop, native applications). I participate in both front and back-end development, quickly getting up to speed on MVC (a technology I didn't think I'd be using in my career - but here we go!), as well as interacting and helping direct offshore platform engineers.

Contract Developer, Crown Social - May 2013 - July 2013

Crown Social is an awesome creative and social marketing based in Capitol Hill, Seattle.
Working with them is an absolute blast.

I was contracted to develop an HTML5 desktop and mobile application for the launch of Dungeons and Dragons "The Sundering."
Leveraging Laravel as my PHP framework, I was able to quickly prototype multiple versions of my application - keeping RESTful services updated, swapping features, and continually improving what was a very complex badging system.

The "game" I developed required multiple presentation formats, not always capable of using a simple responsive switch.
Some views were shared between the mobile experience and the desktop, but not all.
That said, by starting with a data-centric approach, my services and repositories were easily updated as design and view changes came along.

Lead Developer, - November 2012 to April 2013

Relaborate bills itself as “a content marketing solution, enabling businesses to connect to customers and grow their traffic.”

Powered by on-demand Q&A collaboration and semantic recommendation technology, Relaborate gives marketers the power to collect knowledge from coworkers, create vibrant content, and distribute across your site, social media channels and through email.

While working with, I developed solutions to improve the journalistic format (Q&A) workflow – a very valuable and powerful method of maintaining topic focus while generating high-quality content.

Further, I worked with another developer to design and launch a highly intelligent “semantic lookup” service that leverages Named-Entity Relationships of text in order to filter Internet content (photos, videos, documents, Web sites, Twitter users) into a usable extension to a writer’s content. This Semantic engine continually scans written content in order to return relevant and potentially trending content that can be used to:
1. Extend the author’s own content.
2. Provide added value and endorsement to content.
3. Bubble-up known content and topic experts for an author to connect.
4. Track “on target-ness” of a given piece of written content.
The coding platform leverages several external services, many highly technical algorithms, and multiple AWS services.

Developer, Korrio Inc. - June 2011 to November 2012

Software developer for a WordPress-based, Amazon hosted Youth Sports Management startup. Opened in 2010, Korrio manages hundreds of thousands of sports events, players, parents, coaches, managers and financial records for teams and organizations nationwide.

Security and performance were of upmost concern in regards to access to data – since many of the viewers of our application were children (hence youth sports), all adults had background checks run, financial records were secured heavily, etc.

My involvement with Korrio centered around two projects:
Infrastructure/performance and Version 2/new feature development.
Infrastructure included the development of a multi-master and multi-slave Amazon RDS database solution, scalable and highly reliable. Further, caching, reducing and optimizing datasets and client side DOM scripting was part of the daily routine.

The version 2 and feature development included many enhancements, including:
Media gallery for highlight reels from parents, players and teams; Leveraging Amazon AWS; A bi-directional (and secure) e-mail and messaging system; Entire facelift and feature enhancement across the site (using Twitter Bootstrap).

UI Developer, Freelance - October 2010 to June 2011

I took several months away from the daily nine-to-five to focus on both my comedy career and my freelance (offsite) work.

The majority of my freelance work was provided by Creative Circle, and entailed converting PSD skeletons and mockups into workable HTML and template-based code for international clients.

While not the most technically difficult work, it was fun to develop standards-based layouts that would be used by top Web sites.
A continual focus on browser compliance, clean (and short) code, and an understanding of the templating systems my layouts would be used within was how I worked each day.

Systems Analyst, The Seattle Times Company - April 2006 to October 2010

Lead developer on many “problem-solving” applications, geared towards reducing workload, assets, and cost for all departments of the leading daily newspaper and news source in Western Washington.

Developed a multi-database image asset management solution replacing Extensis Portfolio server/client, resulting in a $30,000+ savings over the first year and eliminating 30+ desktop licenses.

Participated as architect, developer and lead in many Agile/Act based projects.
Co-wrote Agile/Act based project management workflow system with company management.

Assisted, supported and architected multiple iOS/mobile initiatives (including Huskies iPhone apps).

Participated in technical initiatives resulting in a 2010 Pulitzer Prize (Breaking News), and 2010 AMPE Innovator of the Year Award.

Experience before 2006 - varied and exciting

I have been a professional developer - mainly focused on the LAMP stack - since 1997 (earlier if you count my FourWinds BBS system I ran back in 1993 in New Hampshire).

Before I started work with The Seattle Times, I worked for The Fort Myers News-Press in a programming capacity. I've worked with semiconductors in Oregon and Florida - learning as much CAD as I could to create tooling and schematics for diodes, triodes and resisters (silicon work was a great departure from design and programming). I've also worked in the capacity of graphic design and television/video production.

To say I've had a varied career would be a great understatement.
If you'd like the full history of each employment position, location, and what I've learned along the way, then getting in touch with me would be the way to go.

Proficient in the following:

Mac server and desktop administration
Responsive design
Project scope and use case
JSON and Ajax
RESTful services
Wordpress/Drupal development

LAMP Stack (PHP, MySQL, Apache)
Graphic design suites
Video production suites
Amazon AWS (S3, RDS, EC2)
Technical editing
Linux terminal / Shell scripting

Have experience in the following:

Catalog graphic design
AfterEffects for broadcast
Ruby and Rails
iOS development (launched my own application)

Examples of some projects:

See my programming area for some examples of both professional and 'pet' projects.

Please download a copy of my resume or get in touch personally to access my referrals.

My salary has been in the range of $125,000 and $140,000 annually.
Contract work rates are negotiable based on effort, guarantees and time.

I'm currently fully employed in Seattle, WA but will always entertain discussions involving advancement and career growth.
I prefer the following locations: Seattle, WA and/or Los Angeles, CA.

Chad A. Edge
921 NW 52nd ST Apartment A
Seattle, WA 91071
Tel: (206) 334-0162